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catamar�n para 150 pasajeros
eslora y manga aprox. 11,92 x 4,70 m.
motores 2 x 215 hp. turbo diesel perkins
a�o 1994
velocidad 10 - 12 nudos
fabricado en poli�ster
capac. combustible 700 l.
direcci�n hidr�ulica
combined cruise tender / survival craft
year: 1994
refit: 2014
building material: frp (fiberglas reinforced polyester)
main dimensions: lifeboat capacity (max): 150 pers.
tender boat capacity: 120 pers.
loa x boa x h: 11,92 m x 4,70 m x 3,90 m
hook distance: 11,2 m
weight (fully equipped): 12.350 kg
weight (fully loaded boat): 23.600 kg
weight (fully loaded as tender): 21.350 kg
speed as tender: 10-12 knots
lifting hooks: onload release, swl: 12 tons.
material: galvanised steel / stainless steel.
engine: 2 x 215 hp perkins m215c sea-water-cooled diesel engines,
with turbocharger and inter-cooler.
fm200 fire extinguishing system provided for each engine compartment
propulsion: materials: brass propellers, stainless steel shafts.
steering: hydraulic, 2 x blade rudders connected by parallel stay.
material: stainless steel.
rudder indicator at steering console.
fuel tanks: 2 x 350ltr. material: aluminum
fuel level gauges at steering
console. outside filling studs and venting.
water tanks: 2 x frp water tanks with capacity acc. to rules.
water tanks are equipped with drain plugs.
equip./provision tanks: tanks are integrated in the
hull. engine starter system: electrical
battery: 4 x 12v 125 ah
battery charger: 42 v ac / 12 v dc, male/female plug ip68
lights: cabin lights and light in engine rooms.
signal mast with navigation lights according to rules.
hatches: two large tarpaulin doors each side for embarkation
one door in each end of the boat for access to lifting hooks
one hatch over helmsman
windows: windows, fitted each side of the cabin and forward and aft.
front windows in steering tower have wipe
door/bridge: aluminium articulated gangway
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